Two New Films to be Released on “Theatrical-at-Home”

Two new films have been announced on “ Theatrical-at-Home “ for a virtual release in parallel with their release in theaters.

Each film will show virtually in 10–15 virtual cinemas, including many of the theaters that screened Phoenix, Oregon.

The 11th Green, directed by Christopher Munch

Chris’s last film “Letters to the Big Man” was filmed in Southern Oregon, and Gary & I had the pleasure of meeting Chris a few years ago. We are thrilled to be able to offer his next film on the platform.

Press ReleaseAcclaimed American Independent Cinema Maverick Christopher Munch Returns with THE 11TH GREEN Slated to release June 26th

Money Machine, directed by Ramsey Denison

The second film, a follow-on to director, Ramsey Denison’s acclaimed first feature “What Happened in Vegas”, opens July 3.

Press ReleaseNew Documentary MONEY MACHINE Exposes New Details of Massive Police Corruption, Coverups around Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Ryan Bruce Levey is booking the films, and as he has talked to theaters, it’s clear that there is still a lot of uncertainty about how virtual cinema will play out. Will people start going back to theaters? Will cinemas go back to the traditional models? Will they incorporate both in-person and virtual screenings? Many theaters appreciate a virtual component so they can share more films with their audiences. This is especially true for theaters with only 1–2 screens.

One difficulty is that every studio is offering films on a different streaming platform. It can double and triple paperwork for the theaters, cause confusion for customers, and in addition, some of the theaters we’ve spoken to haven’t been paid or received reporting from anyone but us. That is one area we are trying to solve by providing real-time sales data to the theaters.

Having only been involved in marketing my own films in the past, I will be interested to watch and experience other filmmakers’ processes and creativity in launching their films into the world. I am looking forward to learning from them, and I am grateful that I can support them in getting their art to its audiences.

♡ Annie

Originally published at on June 13, 2020.




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