Roiling Clouds, Sunny Love & Uncertainty

What a day. It sounds like I may not have been the only one. Maybe it was something in the weather, the roiling clouds and peeking sun.

A roller-coaster of emotions, both my best and worst selves rolled into one. My friends, colleagues and family enjoyed dark cloudy fire eyes and sunny love.

It just was. And now I’m better.

The Great — I had a meeting with a filmmaker to show their film on our platform. Second, I had a call with a group who wants to do a case study on our project in July. Third, we confirmed Phoenix, Oregon will be on Vudu for transactional June 1 in addition to Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon, AltaVOD, Xbox, DirecTV, DISH Echostar and Telus Canada. Finally, our team confirmed Apple TV had quickly fixed the pricing issue, and we completely reskinned our website and social for digital.

The Challenging — Someone copied our Theatrical-At-Home platform using the same components for payment processing and affiliate management. It hurt my feelings and my pride. And I guess it scared me. If it’s so easy to copy, what do I have… After a lot of grumpiness, complaining, and venting, I realized that our platform has nothing to do with the technology. It’s about our focus on sharing, transparency and relationships with partners, filmmakers and customers. This has always been what’s grounded us, through a 20+ year career. It is the only thing that is important. And our business will always be built on relationships and trust. That may be why I was so hurt at first — they used my affiliate tech component — the piece of which I’ve been most proud. But it’s not the tech — the tech’s at risk of getting put on the chopping block daily — it’s the heart behind the platform, the purpose, and our efforts to share and help. That’s what makes it special. And no one can ever take those things from us.

A note… this other company did not “steal” anything from me. I have been very open about the publicly accessible components I’ve used to build the platform: Shopify, GoAffPro, and JW Player. Anyone could put these pieces together with a little bit of backend tech support. It just caught me by surprise, and I am tired. It’s been a long two months, and we still don’t know how successful we were… or are. Nothing went as expected, and it’s still too soon to know how the overall release was affected, since we had to completely scrap and refashion previously planned revenues streams.

In the end, I was just scared and insecure… I don’t know if what I have or what we’ve done was or is “good enough”. It is… and was… but it’s a process, an unfolding, another unknown in the midst of seemingly endless uncertainty.

I will continue to focus on gratitude, generosity and relationships. It will get me through.

♡ Annie

Photo by Trevor Cole on Unsplash

Originally published at on May 20, 2020.




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Annie Lundgren

Annie Lundgren

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