Annie Lundgren
1 min readDec 24, 2020


Grateful today for friends and family. Those in my home, those I can only wave to from across the street, and those hours away who would usually be close.

Covid closes in. Friends of friends and friends of family have died or are very sick. We’re careful but maybe not careful enough. Days like today, I feel like returning to the seriousness of March when the streets were a ghost town, we stocked up and stayed in for weeks, held our breath in the grocery store and saw no one.

We’re so used to it now — the rhythm and routines, the masks and hurried shopping, heads turned, eyes down, moving cautiously through crowded stores, and giving extra eye-crinkles to show our masked smiles.

There’s no helping it, but we seem to have gotten our cautious backwards. If only March could have borrowed some of December’s knowledge and December could wear a little of March’s fear. Maybe then we could hold it off.

The vaccine is coming. Soon. We’re almost there.

But why does everyone I know… know someone… right before the finish line.

My heart aches. For them. For us, still living in uncertainty. Questioning our daily decisions.

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with all who live in our home. We are beyond lucky that this includes three generations. My parents and our daughter.

We are taking in every moment of Christmas joy and are so thankful for what we do have. Right now.

♡ Annie

Originally published at on December 24, 2020.