Into the Wild with Happy Hearts

Annie Lundgren
1 min readAug 6, 2020


Time to start packing for my trip tomorrow. Yes, I always pack last minute.

… up at 6, pack, finish work, run to the store, get gas, leave at noon.

A couple years ago when I did my 30 week campout challenge, I made a backpacking packing list to share with friends:

I’m not sure how long I’ll leave that up, but feel free to copy and use.

It makes me happy. I love reading this list and dreaming of being in the woods.

In my mind, I’m a minimalist (but still safe) ultra-lite backpacker with all the cool gear. In truth, I’m still learning, am fairly inexperienced, and have a cobbled-together set of used gear. I love testing what I can get by with (or without).

Once, I brought the 40-degree bag to a 20-degree campout. A mistake. Not safe.

Between the friends, we’ll have five dogs on the trail. Mine will be tethered to me the whole trip and zipped up in my bivy at night. He’s an escape artist and loves to run-away.

I’ll imagine we’re hiking ten days into the wild even though we just go a few miles.

No matter what, it will be beautiful, we’ll be together, we’ll sleep under the stars, and we’ll come home with dirt covered faces, sore muscles and happy hearts.

♡ Annie

Originally published at on August 6, 2020.