Hoping my Frenzy Lifts not Hinders Future Work

I felt the first cracks of stress and strain today. Maybe others felt it too. Volunteers and community leaders carrying heavy burdens while still experiencing shock and grief. Feeling the unfairness of it all. Wanting to fix. Getting angry there’s no fix. Tired.

And I keep thinking… some (many) in this valley do this work *every* day. They worry and carry and strain every day. Unsung heros and non-profits and volunteers “seeing” the vulnerable every day. I’ve noticed them before — as I swing in and out of business projects and occasionally into their world. At times like this. Or when I feel the tug — with my privilege to choose…

So right now, today, as I insert myself into “helping”, I’m trying to listen more, to learn, and hoping that my frenzy leverages and lifts their future work, and does not hinder.

♡ Annie

Originally published at http://www.jomafilms.com on September 17, 2020.



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