A Boost Towards Independence

Annie Lundgren
1 min readSep 29, 2020


Helped a family get services today. Picked them up, drove them across town, sat with them to answer quesions, etc, etc, etc.

When someone is worrying about food and shelter, stopping to sort through resources is next to impossible.

Even for me, safe and secure, it was so hard to navigate…

Their IDs burned and their car. Everything.

The first step is new paperwork. It seems simple.

But for them, all they’ve been able to do so far is find food and warmth. They needed a driver and a listener and someone to tell them the next step.

How many others are out there like this? I know the answer… We like to think none. But they are always there. Under our noses. I’ve seen them. But I don’t see them.

Basic needs. A little boost. Towards independence, autonomy and being seen.

♡ Annie

Originally published at http://www.jomafilms.com on September 29, 2020.